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JULY 24-27, 2013


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2006 Clinical Conference - Colorado Springs
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2006 ICAPP-CSW Conference in Colorado Springs
Clara Weeks-Boutilier

The 2005 ICAPP-CSW Conference in Montreal was the first ICAPP Conference my husband and I attended. Last June, I was eagerly awaiting the 2006 Conference in Colorado Springs. As I perused the papers that arrived in the mail, I just knew that the presentations and discussions were going to be as enlightening as those I heard in Montreal.

From the moment we arrived at the lovely Antlers' Hilton Hotel overlooking majestic Pike's Pike, until the day we left Colorado Springs to vacation in the Rocky Mountain National Park and then Denver, I was thrilled with my membership in ICAPP.

At this point in my career, I have attended many conferences and workshops but have never felt the way I do about ICAPP-CSW conferences. What an ideal way to continue to grow in one's profession. Where else is there such an opportunity to combine travel, sightseeing, mental stimulation, and friendship? For me, the format provides an extraordinary opportunity to reflect on new ideas, to hear viewpoints from very talented clinicians, and to enjoy discussions with colleagues. The small group format provides opportunities for exchange of ideas in a way that traditional conferences cannot. The opportunity to meet with colleagues from all over the USA, Canada, and other countries to consult, to support one another, and to discuss issues of concern regarding our own work is a significant benefit of ICAPP-CSW conferences. Never have I left other gatherings with such pride in the social work profession or such a powerful feeling that yes, I can relate to the ways people in this group practice. I feel affirmed by the integrity, scholarship, and professionalism of my colleagues.

In 2006 I felt attached to the ICAPP group and began to realize that friendships had formed and that my husband and I enjoyed the company of the people in ICAPP-CSW. The conference provides such a delightful mixture of meetings, relaxation, and sightseeing. The trip on the cog railway to Pike's Peak, the Garden of the Gods, the President's Reception, and the Farewell Dinner were group activities that gave all of us a time to enjoy each other's company and to network.   Another delightful aspect of ICAPP conferences is the opportunity to join friends for lunch, dinner, or a relaxing cup of coffee or glass of wine. Or, if one wishes, to explore by oneself a new city!

Several of us travel with our spouses. Spouses are part of ICAPP-CSW also! Most spouses attend the social events and are welcomed at our meetings. My husband, Carl, is an engineer who has great regard for our profession and speaks highly of the caliber of ICAPP-CSW.

Carl and I are looking forward the 2007 conference in Newport, although we would have preferred Venice!!! Europe, anyone, for 2008??


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